Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Is the sun prior to its shining?


  1. "They" are inseparable. The ground of Being, or however you want to label, is the prior-ness, or nondual-ness, inseparable-ness.

  2. Isn't "the ground of Being", or whatever we label, a concept?

  3. Hi Chandrika, I posted that question about the sun as a metaphor for such "dualities" as Consciousness and its contents.
    NPZ, please forgive the bluntness of my last question(my cats were crying for their breakfast). It's becoming a pet peeve(no reference to cats intended) of mine, that "everyone" writes about Consciousness,etc. as something "existent". I have difficulty keeping my(what Suzanne Foxton calls) "pedantry" at a manageable level.

  4. If concepts weren't used in this venue there would be no writing and responding.

    Silence, or no words, wouldn't point very well on a blank page. A blank page is fine of course, but why bother looking at that?

    Oh wait, aren't 'silence' and 'blank page' just concepts?

  5. Of course. However, my point was that "the Ground of being" isn't prior to "its radiance." Neither one exists, as such, except as concepts.