Sunday, April 25, 2010

"embraced in obliterating Unity"

"Enlightenment" (or "What IS")

Indicates the Totality of Apperceiving


There is neither anyone to perceive,

Nor anything to be perceived.


  1. "Obliterating unity" sounds interesting. Maybe it ties in with the YouTube video "The Collapse of Physicality" where Greg Goode discusses George Berkeley's saying, "to be is to be perceived." If there is no one to perceive, then there are no physical objects.

  2. I prefer to talk about it this way: the "body-mind" and the "world" arise TOGETHER in whatever "This" is.

    "We" can call "It" Awareness, Apperceiving, Tao, etc., BUT we can't truly stand apart from It or any aspect of It.

    We are not in a position to objectify any aspect of This as a separate "object."

    The "world" doesn't get obliterated, only the "separateness and independence" of its aspects (which includes the "body-mind").

    They can only seem to be "our objects" in the partial blindness of "divided seeing" (seeing "extended conceptually in space and time" from a personal point of view).