Monday, October 4, 2010

a thorn

We could say

that the "Total Appearing"

is Real,

but the "appearances" (apparent objects)

as such, are not.


  1. whoops. Left other comment from wrong account.

    I'd give this a "like" if it were on facebook.

    Sometimes I think, though, that more elaboration would be nice. As in, I'm thinking that by "Total Appearing" you are referring to "the whole" whereas appearances refers to the "cut up" version with names, forms, apparent independent existence.

  2. Yes, or to change metaphors, "Appearing" is the living butterfly; "appearance" is the dead one pinned to its place in a collection.

  3. Thus the "appearing" is the utter perfection of just what purely is...
    and the appearances are our conceptual elaborations of the experience... the story line, the ongoing narration?

  4. Hello Vareda!

    Sure, we can say that (as a potentially clarifying pointer, not "THE TRUTH").

    We can make the same notional distinction between the 'saying' and 'what' is said.

    But of course, words can only go so far.

  5. Hola Tom

    Yes! "THE TRUTH" is ultimately just another reified concept, we mistake for the 'Real' in the conundrum of the conceptual mind.
    Thank you!