Friday, February 5, 2010

"Not two" points to "THIS"

Consider the following.

There is no possibility of separation from "present experienc-ING".

Everything, every "external object" and every "internal state" are, in that regard, aspects of "present experienc-ING", not independent realities.

So, in this verticality of "present experienc-ING", looking/seeking for something "else" can serve no point.

"THIS" ("present experienc-ING") IS "IT", already, always.


  1. It is a relief to see that everything is IT. Even things that the mind is tempted to label negatively are all part of this. This is IT and it's perfect as it is. No need to seek anything else. I like the Zen saying, "There is nothing left to you at this moment but to have a good laugh."

  2. I agree. Everything(and everyone) is an aspect of "THIS", "the Eternal Present".

  3. And completely as 'not two' as well is seen this is 'not one', although counting can be done.

    No way to find a number, as any way of measuring
    is swallowed to be nothing in this fathomlessness be-ing.

  4. Hi NPZ, good to hear from you. Yeah, not two, not one. There isn't actually any "one" separate to "know" (or say) "What IS"...Although talking can be done:-)