Monday, January 10, 2011


Everything that noumenally we are---is godhead-noumenon.

Everything that phenomenally we may be---is also godhead-noumenon.

Whatever godhead-noumenon (or noumenal godhead) may be---noumenally we are.

Whatever godhead-noumenon (or noumenal godhead) may be---phenomenally we are.

That is because no "thing" is, other than as objective phenomenon, which necessarily is the appearance, or manifestation, of noumenal godhead.

Noumenal godhead is every objective appearance, while whatever is not objective appearance is nothing but noumenal godhead.

There are no separate bits of noumenal godhead---for noumenal godhead is non-objectivity, which being the subjective source of conceptualisation, cannot be its object.

Therefore noumenal godhead knows no conceptual limitations, such as space-time.

Spaceless and timeless, there can neither be one (whole) nor parts.

There can only be UBIQUITY.

--- Wei Wu Wei


  1. Great quote! There is tremendous flooding of joy on reading this."UBIQUITY" - indeed! :)

  2. Very glad to hear it! I love it, too.