Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is this. That is all.

While you are using your mind symbolically, that is, depending on names and comparisons, you cannot see Reality. See Reality first, then use your mind. The glass of water---what is it? This is this. That is all. There is just one Reality. Transcendental, actual---just names. Surprise the mind and see Reality directly.

When you talk you need names, but in meditation you do not need a word. We start in naked silence. When you find real meditation without a word, you attain true wisdom [Prajna]. Your mind becomes pure, and you can see your true soul directly. When your mind is free from all conceptions that do not truly exist---Is it good or bad?---you will find true emancipation.

--- Sokei-an


  1. Thank you for posting these beautiful pieces by Sokei-an on your blogs. This one reminds me of learning how to draw. Without labeling, simply drawing the edges of objects and negative spaces, then realizing there are no lines, no boundaries or divisions of any kind. As Sokei-an says, "This is this. That is all. There is just one Reality." And we can go about our daily lives this way, "surprising the mind and seeing Reality directly."

  2. You're welcome, Diane! It so happens that Sokei-an studied painting, and was an artist/sculptor in his younger days. Thanks for this lovely 'comment.'

  3. There's no "like" option as in Facebook, but this quote deserves one. IMHO.