Sunday, March 6, 2011

how could there ?

How could there be "a self" ?

Wouldn't it require a second one

to know the first ?

How could there be "an other" ?

Wouldn't that require a self ?


  1. Without the second one, who or what is there to say there is the first?

    This pointer is very similiar to one that is credited to WWW. Are you paraphrasing or did it just come out like that? No worries not important - still like it. :)

  2. Suki, right. And to paraphrase Ramana, "How many selves do you have?"

    Yes, this pointer is definitely drawn from WWW's. And it did come to me that way, but it certainly could be called a paraphrase.

    The pointer is so good, I feel it bears occasional repeating. And if in slightly fresh form, perhaps all the better.

  3. There are many pointers that use to stump me. Were made clearer by someone who was 'clear' themselves by paraphrasing or clarifying. The opposite was the case with ppl who were not 'clear' and seem to add more confusion.

    I have no books on WWW, only what I have read online. Internet is a great resource and texts, writings that were hard to come by are right there at one's finger tips! Along with valuable reviews and helpful criticism. Though this can be a double edged sword...

    Cheers - Suki

  4. Hi Suki - when I first started reading WWW, the parts that I understood were the exception rather than the rule. Most people find his writing pretty dense at first (many probably give up). In my quoting (and paraphrasing), I often try to lighten up WWW's tendency to cause "mental overload."