Tuesday, March 29, 2011

not trapped by discriminative concepts

Nowhere is there a principle that is right in all circumstances.

The method we use yesterday we may discard today and use again in the future;

there are no fixed right and wrong to decide whether we use it or not.

The capacity to pick times and snatch opportunities,

and never be at a loss to answer events belongs to the wise.

--- from the Book of Lieh-tzu


  1. I like this piece and your title reminds me of some of the excerpts you posted from Alan Watts' "Out of the Trap" on your "Where can one stand?" blog.

  2. Thanks, Diane! I actually borrowed the words of the title from David Loy's "Awareness Bound and Unbound" wherein I also found the Lieh-tzu quote.

    Here's a relevant excerpt from Chapter One: "Although the true nature of awareness is formless,it becomes "trapped" when we identify with particular things, which include mental objects (e.g. ideologies, one's self-image) as well as physical ones. Such identifications happen due to ignorance of the basic "non-dwelling" nature of our awareness."