Sunday, January 3, 2010

from "Ask the Awakened", chapter 40

So it is in the living-dream: when any dreamed-sosie realises that he is identical with everything in the living-dream, and that everything is identical with (is nothing but) himself---he finds that he is awake, i.e. THAT HE IS THE DREAMER ALSO. For dreamed, dreamer, and dream are one, that is just a dream-ING.---Wei Wu Wei


  1. a) what does dreamed"-sosie" mean / refer to?

    b) this might touch on one of my most puzzling questions. I can fathom that "ceasing extending into time and space" is syonymous with "realization", and that that could be completely ordinary (why wouldn't it be?) And, I can fathom, in some kind of abstract way, as Suzanne Foxton has said, that all is pure unconditional love, always. But I don't see how a universe composed of pure unconditional love could be completely ordinary; and I don't see how the death of the concept of a separate self would necessarily reveal that all is unconditional love.

    Unless, of course, this is something that cannot be known or grasped while the sense of separation is still present / i.e. with the intellect. In other words, you'll know it when you see it. If not that, then It puzzles me.

  2. a) In this context, any dreamed-sosie seems to mean any dreamed-figure,i.e. any apparent person, or a bit closer to the French, the appearance I take to be myself.
    b) For a question this complicated you receive a Zen Son of a Bitch Slap!!!
    I'll take a swipe at it(the question that is) tomorrow. It's bedtime for Bonzo.

  3. It may help to remember that all the capitalized words, and I think that the "Love" you're puzzling about is one of them, are "not something that the sage knows or experiences."---Wayne Liquorman
    In this sense, Love is What IS, or as Wayne says Total Acceptance or Apperceiving which, of course is Unconditional.
    Your sentence @ a universe of love being ordinary, makes me think of the words of Jeff Foster who (as you know) can be so eloquent about the extra-ordinary ordinary.
    So,as you say, this is not something to know with the intellect, but "everything-right here-right now- already,always!" As someone said, "Not-knowing is the greatest intimacy."
    That's the best I can offer for now; I've got to scoop the cat litter,etc.

  4. I posted this passage by WWW because it still "points". However, it comes from a comparatively early work. In later works, he refined the pointer as in this excerpt,"May it not be that when a phenomenon becomes aware of what it is---it is awake?"
    "Not bad, but no phenomenon ever could!"
    "So what?"
    "What the phenomenon is non-phenomenally becomes aware of what it is VIA THE PHENOMENON."

  5. Hey! A breakthrough! That is the first multi-self-referential, meta-convoluted-loop sentence of WWW I've ever been able to follow!