Sunday, January 3, 2010


As long as nouns are used for the expression of a teaching, that teaching is dealing with objects as such, whether the objects be physical or mental, but the burden of the teaching can only be conveyed by the use of adverbial forms and by verbs, for the teaching is concerned with functioning rather than with anything nominal that functions, or with anything nominal that results from functioning, both of which are purely inferential.---Wei Wu Wei


  1. nominal >Lat. NOMEN, name. Existing in name only; not actual.

  2. Teaching is quite difficult as one is shaping the next generation. Thought provoking post indeed!

    Happy New Year.
    Best wishes. :)

  3. Dear CS, Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you in return! I'm glad you find the post to be thought provoking. Regarding shaping the next generation, I think I'll stick to something I've had more luck with: herding my cats. :)

  4. CS, pardon my joking, are you a school teacher or parent? Moreover, I suppose I am trying to influence the non-duality "conversation" in some tiny way.