Sunday, May 23, 2010

All IS

The peace that is "ours"

is apt to leave.

Only "Peace" that is TOTAL

has nowhere to go.


  1. Interesting! So we can't "have" real peace but we probably already are Peace (whether "we" know it or not.) When one feels at Peace, is consciousness experiencing itself or do we say Peace is just what is happening?

  2. Hi Dianne, you seem to be on to the fact that all of the words that get capitalized in this area are pointers to this same No-thing which is ALL there IS. So in a way, this pointer was more about Totality than knowable peace. It's about "the Peace that surpasseth all understanding" which transcends and includes both peace and turmoil.

    I don't want to make things sound too cut and dried, but for didactic purposes, let me quote the end of a poem by Wayne Liquorman!

    There CAN be Peace,
    Wholeness, Harmony,
    Love, Joy.

    But not if you're there.

    Of course, permanent peace and wholeness is not possible for "the illusory separate person." As you seem to suggest, awakening to the "Isness of ALL that is happening" may carry the "fragrance of Peace."

  3. Hi Colleen, I'm glad you like it. When it popped into my thinking, I thought it was pretty good.