Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Enlightenment"---Relatively Considered by Wei Wu Wei

'There is a difference between Awakening and Deliverance:
the former is sudden, thereafter deliverance is gradual.
In fact what we mean by "Sudden Enlightenment" is
the perfect equivalence of phenomenal understanding with universal principal;
this is not reached by any stages at all.'---Shen Hui

Has any Master left us a clearer statement?

The sudden coincidence of relative comprehension with absolute apprehension,
whereby the division of mind into subject and object is healed
so that its wholeness supervenes,
in a spontaneous absence of duration,
throws open the way to deliverance from "bondage" to our conceptual universe.

With such authority, so simply stated, what "mystery" could remain,
what could there be to argue about?

We may continue to argue about the requisite preceeding conditions,
but the inescapable inference seems to be that relative perceiving and comprehending
must lie open to absolute apperceiving and apprehending,
for without the spontaneous im-mediacy of the apperceiving,
the apprehension of unicity could hardly be assumed to supervene.

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