Saturday, June 19, 2010

attention < L. adtendere < tendere 'to stretch' (esp. the mind) + ad 'towards'

Evidently, what we call 'attention' is phenomenal, as such, a movement ex-tended in time and space. Wei Wu Wei tells us that "good and earnest people...practicing this and that...may become very worthy, even holy phenomena---but that is all, for phenomenalisation is one-way traffic. There is no such thing as noumenalisation."

I do not mean to discount the value of "attention"; only to "locate it" in its proper sphere. Wei Wu Wei continues:

"Nothing we do in a time-context could have any noumenal significance, let alone be what we think of as 'true' or 'real.' No positive gesture or concept could effect noumenality. All we say and all we do and feel is confined to our little dream-world."

"That is why the negative way alone can help us, since it negates the positive, whereby---every positive impulse and concept being negated, or 'emptied' as it is called--- our noumenality remains and is revealed."


  1. Interesting post, thank you. I'd like to hear more about the negative way, is that "neti, neti" (not this, not this)...

  2. In his book titled Ask The Awakened, The Negative Way, Wei Wu Wei wrote the following:

    "The non-existence of particularities---WU WU in Chinese, NETI NETI in Sanscrit, meaning Not this, Not that, Not anything whatsoever (as an object) is the last signpost on the Way."

    The Negative Way seems to crop up all over the place (and time). My main source has been Wei Wu Wei, but even the term 'Non-duality' itself, is "negative" - NOT-two.