Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Wisdom AND Compassion"

My view (Emptiness)

Is higher than the sky,


My attention to actions and their results

Is finer than flour.

---Guru Rinpoche


  1. That is beautifully worded. And yes, it does relate to the Ram Dass quote I posted today. You have a knack for finding relevant pointers that your readers might not have discovered on their own.

  2. A pungent combination- the vast no-thingness of wisdom, and the minute attention that is compassion. Thank you for this post. Who is Guru Rinpoche?

  3. thumbs up! ....letting go like a squirrel lets go of empty peanut shells.

  4. Thanks Jeremy, it's good to hear from you. I like the squirrel image.

  5. Thanks Diane, I'm glad "you can relate" - as they used to say - in the 70's?

  6. Thanks Colleen, lately from things I read on-line, I get the feeling that many people are fixated on Emptiness, or Non-duality. And of course, that would HAVE TO BE a subtle, or not so subtle concept. That wouldn't be so bad, but these folks seem to think that that is IT.

    I get the image of someone rowing a boat using only one oar. Of course, they would just go "in circles."

    Guru Rinpoche was one of the early Dzogchen masters, who supposedly, wrote many texts which he hid - in order to be discovered by later generations. Dzogchen seems to have been pretty controversial in those days.