Monday, June 28, 2010

There is no (phenomenal) activity called "seeing."---Wei Wu Wei

The "eye" does NOT

see any "thing."

"Both" arise non-dually.


  1. Thanks for this illuminating post Tom.

  2. Colleen, while looking for something else, I came across this:

    'It is not the eye that sees, it is not the ear that hears: there is seeing, there is hearing. Who sees? Who hears? NO ONE. That is the Truth. For the seeing and the seen, the hearing and the heard are impersonality, impersonal consciousness.---Wei Wu Wei, Ask The Awakened

    Of course, it's NOT the Truth, but a pointer.

  3. Interesting. We assume it is the sense organs, the neurochemical juices in the brain that do the perceiving, but we get it backwards. Sailor Bob Adamson has pointed out this question: what is the difference between a dead body and a living one? At the moment of death they are physically identical- they have the same matter, the same cells, the same neurochemical juices. But the dead body is missing something- life. What is life? It is invisible. It is NO ONE and no thing, and it does all the seeing and hearing...It (life, consciousness, mystery, the unnameable, whatever you want to call it) is typing these words, breathing this air, reading these words. It is everywhere and yet totally ungraspable and featureless.
    Pardon me for going on, but I love the quote from Wei Wu Wei and couldn't help myself. Thank you.

  4. I noticed after posting the WWW passage in my comment, that if it was meant to be knowledge (instead of being a pointer "to the Unknowable"), it would contradict my original posting.

    But I'm not too worried. After all, would a mechanic be worried because his 'phillips' screwdriver "contradicts" his 'flathead' one?