Saturday, June 26, 2010

Realizing constant change - is Peace.

What is called 'experiencing'

goes on,

whether "we" get

involved in it

or not.


  1. And life goes on whether "we" even "get it" (understand it) or not.

    Neat pointer and title. :)

  2. Thanks Diane, are you familiar with the term 'grok' from the sci-fi novel 'Stranger in a Strange Land' by Robert Heinlein?

  3. I've seen the term "grok" on your blogs a few times but I've never seen it used anywhere else. That Heinlein novel sounds fascinating, I might check it out sometime.

  4. Diane, do you receive the monthly Advaita Fellowship Newsletter? June's 'Message from Wayne' is short and very sweet, and points to what he calls apperceiving/grokking.

    If you don't get it, I could send it to you somehow.

    Although the Heinlein book was 'big' when it came out, more recently I just looked for the passages about 'grokking.'

  5. I also love this quote and I'd like to receive the Advaita Newsletter. Maybe you could send me the link at my email Thanks Tom.

  6. Hi Tom, I just subscribed to the newsletter, although the note said it could take a few weeks to receive the first one.

    My email is if you could send the June issue. Thanks.